Monday, May 29, 2017

Good Weekend

It was a laid back weekend - there were things to take care of, but we did them at a slow pace.

For starters, Laney had a wand making class Saturday morning.  She spent 2+ hours making this wand with a bunch of very hard core Harry Potter Fans.  I mean they go to immersion weekends and all!  She was one of the youngest there and one mom with her two kids left.  Sad really, these were very accepting, albeit slightly odd people and they all made my mildly into Harry Potter child feel welcome.

Then we went to purchase the appliances for the new house - lots of sales this weekend.  So, we ended up buying a Refrigerator - french doors with 30 cubic feet!, Deep Freezer, a double oven Range (17,000 BTU),  Microwave, Washer, Dryer, and Dishwasher.  The fridge, microwave, dishwasher and range are the black stainless steel.  GORGEOUS!  We got white for the rest.  Delivery which is far from the store, installation and all the tubes, wires, cords, etc - $7,200.  We saved $5,500 from full prices!  I thought we did pretty good getting exactly what we wanted with some bells and whistles. 

Then we drove around just getting more familiar with our area and came across a granite store.  We are not ready to buy, but they had a slab of leathered black granite - just like I want.  It was even more stunning than I imagined and found out it is a level 3 which is what we have been budgeted for - even better news!

Sunday we just cleaned up a bit, made a menu - went grocery shopping, did laundry, and the guys got their hair cut.  My son had a uni-brow and allowed them to do hot wax!  This is my sensitive skin and skiddish boy.  I was stunned!  He is growing up - I am so proud of him!

Today, we had lunch with some dear friends and showed them our land.  Then Darrell and I went to Lowe's for a tree limb trimmer - one of the really long ones since we have to trim trees before the shed can be built.

I could not play with my camera too much - we were busy and it rained most of the time.  However, I was able to play for a few minutes Sunday before the storm came in.

This is the view from the door of our RV using my new wide angle lens.  I still need to work with it a LOT!

Hope you all had a great long weekend!


  1. I LOVE the black stainless appliances. Best of all, they seem impossible to smudge! Black stainless is what we intend to eventually change our appliances to (they are circa 1993). Be sure to also check for additional rebates on-line as we saw several that weren't advertised.

    1. I did not think about the rebates! My husband will be all over that! They do smudge a bit, just not as bad as the stainless. It seems to be on par with the black fridge we had - which is fine. It is not magnetic - which I do not care about. I have heard it scratches, but I don't know for sure as we will not have it for a few months. You keep appliances like us! FOREVER! We have just had our buyers ask for our appliances, so we have bought them over several times in the past few years. No mas - we are planning on dying in this house, so these appliances will be around for a while!

    2. I have not heard about black stainless scratching. The appliances we have came with the house, but aside from that, we do tend to keep them forever. Thankfully they are almond, so nothing too weird to live with until we update.