Friday, May 12, 2017

Week 15 Update

So many things, yet not so many things.  I felt extremely busy, but there is not a whole lot to post about.

1. Land Home

We are closing on the construction loan today!   WOO-HOO! Unfortunately, there are some minor changes to be made to the documents that may hold us up - I hate reading this stuff.  I always find mistakes.

On Wednesday, I met the builder at the land and we staked out where the shed and house will go we well as which trees stay.  Excavation happens on Tuesday this next week.  We spoke about some issues - flooring, and choices in general.  I saw a couple of samples and changed my mind on one of them.  It was obvious that the color I saw on my computer was not the actual color, so it wasn't like I could not make up my mind.  I decided then that I needed samples or at least a place I can go look at something.

What did come up yesterday was the expense of flooring.  I about fell out.  We are going to go look at different flooring this weekend.  The reason this is important right now is that the Saltillo tiles are very thick - the transition between then tiles and wood would be offset.  Even with a thicker wood - none are as thick as the saltillos.  So, the foundation has to be poured to accommodate this difference in height.  The foundation is being poured in 2 weeks, so I have to get this settled.

2. RV Living

Well, we are doing good this week.  It is not too bad.  We still have not gotten into our routine because, well, I am still working.  It is small and I miss the ease of a house really badly.   I told Darrell that if we were retired, traveling and it was just us - it would be great!  However, living a working life with teens and not traveling - it is not the best.

Will I stick it out - oh yeah!  The money we are saving outweighs ANY issue I have with living in this RV. 

3.  Homeschool

Putter, Putter - stall.  Sigh - we need to get back going, but I need to finish working first.  Since the job keeps me away, I cannot be here to teach.

4. My Business

OK.  ON THE LAST QUILT!!!  I just have to quilt and bind it.  That is it and I will be done.  I want to finish today, but between waiting to hear about this correction and the closing, I am not sure if I will.  Then we have to look for flooring tomorrow since that is urgent on the build, then we have a party to go with people up in this area, so I really want to go.  I can finish on Sunday though.  No later though - this is the last week I will update on the business!


  1. I know it's probably hard to see yourself every day, but you are making a lot of great progress! You can do it!

    1. Thank you! I am certainly making headway! NO MORE WORK!

  2. It'll be a bit tight for a while, but I think you'll be glad to let go of the business temporarily. It'll give you much more time to focus on the build and all that's involved with that, your kids, your husband and YOU! Please don't forget to take care of you. I'm enjoying your updates and am really excited for you! xx

    1. Yes, that is exactly why I closed it down temporarily. I have to focus on it. I am glad you are enjoying it! I am trying to let people know how it goes - it is therapeutic for me!