Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Slow Day

I have been so stressed for so long, that my body is starting to let down.  I am in a lot of pain from muscles that were tense for at least a year and a half and are beginning their relaxation and fighting from the stiffness.

My brain is in a fog from thinking so hard and working so hard for such a long time.  It just wants to exist for a while and not be in so much use. 

I let us sleep in today and naturally woke around 9 am.  It seems to be my body clock - to bed around midnight, up from about 3:30 to 6 am, then start getting drowsy again and sleep well until 9 am.  If I manage to sleep through that middle of the night episode, then I wake around 7, but that very rarely happens.  Even with eating right and good exercise, I tend to have this pattern.  If I wake my self early for appointments too many days in a row, then I get irritable, eat poorly and lash out.

We did homeschool today, but on a lite level.  In the rec room where we work, they have quite a nice library and instead of just sitting there on my phone while they worked, I found a book and starting reading it - Silver Witch.  It is a fairly easy read - fantasy really.  So far, it is pretty good and is keeping my interest without too much effort.

Darrell and I decided - in that middle of the night time - that we would take a walk after dinner and try to start making that a habit.

I am starting to fall in love with the slower pace and the mundane habits of walks after dinner and coffee on the patio.

What mundane thing do you love that to other would see as yawning time?

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