Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Slow Day and a funny

I woke up early because the bathroom called, I decided to turn on the water heater and get a shower, but slipped into back into bed and waited for the water to heat up.  Took a shower, got the kids up, had 2 cups of coffee, then we shuffled our way to the rec room.

Today I was all caught up in grading, so I just sat back and my girlie novel.  Easy to read, perfect for taking breaks while helping kids with their work and grading as we went.

Then an older guy comes in - flips on the light (which we do not like because there is plenty of natural light).  He gets his mail, and then leaves without turning it off.  Sigh.  I get up and turn it off.

About 30 minutes later, he comes back and just sits down on the couch across from me - looking at his phone.  Not reading or doing a puzzle, just looking at his phone. 

All the while, I am answering questions, talking to the kids, etc.  We are not loud, but this guy is just sitting there, now NOT on his phone, but looking around, looking at us.  It is weird.  It felt weird.

So, Delaney goes back to the RV because she is done and now this guy is snoring.  Snoring loudly!

Koen and I try to finish up as quickly as we can since was he close to being done. 

Now, I know this is a community rec room and he is not the first to come in there, but most of the other read or work on a puzzle.  Obviously amusing themselves.  This guy kept watching us and looking around.

Maybe he was trying to make us feel uncomfortable - I am not sure. Maybe he just wanted to get out of his RV.  If it happens again though, we will leave immediately. 

The rest of afternoon consisted of me eating lunch at our property, listening to the birds chirp.  The kids taking a walk and me reading the afternoon away - after cleaning the bathroom.

Such a decadent life right now!

Oh, I have to leave you with a funny - this is a picture a friend sent me of a local grocery store.   I think I need to go buy me some Ass. Cream Cakes!  LMAO!


  1. Good price on those Ass. cream cakes!LOL. That is creepy what that guy did, rude to sit and stare at you. I would have felt very uncomfortable too

  2. How old was he? He might have no idea what homeschooling is. It could be no more than he was watching, trying to figure out what the heck kind of school this was? I would have probably watched too. Okay, I might have been discrete, and pretended to read or something.

    1. Maybe - definitely in his 60s. He got an earful of multiplying exponents today! LOL

    2. Yeah, then I wouldn't give it a second thought. I bet he just wanted to get away to sleep, but saw you, and was interested.