Thursday, May 18, 2017

Oh, how I love thee - HOA

For those that are not in the know - HOA is short for Home Owner's Association.

They are a love/hate of everyone around these parts.  They ensure that people do not move into your neighborhood with trashy mobile homes (many are nice - I am not talking about those) and that someone cannot decide to build a mechanic's shop next door to you.  They also make sure the general neighborhood is kept nice - usually there is a community room that you can use personally and also that the community grounds are kept nice.  In addition, that noone can come in with really crazy decor and making an eye-sore in the neighborhood and driving home values down.  There is a place for them!

Where they cause problems is waiting for approval on builds, renovations, or like when they


I about came unglued when I heard that they have been by our property, not once, not twice, but three times today asking to see permits (which they have no right to do) and who did they (the contractors) think they were.

Oh, there are not many things that set me off, but the gauntlet was thrown down today and I am MORE than up for the challenge.

So, here is the deal.  When we filled out the application, it states on there to allow 30 days to get approval.  Well, they wanted more information on our shed - which they took 30 days to get me the notice.

As soon as I received the notice, I sent them back more information than they would ever need.   They did not request anything on the house.  No word back that they had received the information or anything.

Yesterday, I was out at the property and a HOA member stopped by and asked if I had gotten the shed information in - uh, yeah - 2 freaking weeks ago!

So, today, is when a couple of different HOA members came around and started harassing the contractors that put in the culvert and starting to burn the trees we had to cut down.  Telling the contractor that he will be watched and crap.  I am done.

I know we do not have approval and are starting work, but NOT building anything.  We can put in a culvert without their approval - just county approval, which we received over a month ago.  We can clear land with no intent as well.  So, we are not breaking rules yet.

My plan, suffocation.  It is very effective in a slow moving situation.  I will email and call daily - being nice - never rude.  If that is not effective, then we will go to a higher level.  I need to get this taken care of - our builder is talking 4 months!

Oh, also, some health issues have popped up with me and I need to be in a house where I can attend to it.  It is difficult in an RV.  I am not going to indulge just yet, we will see how it goes.


  1. if the HOA has no oversight on what you can do to the property as far as getting the site work done and prepped to build, I'd tell them to take a hike and mind their own business! (nicely, of course LOL). I'd say, show me again in the HOA paperwork/covenants where you have control of me excavating my property...

  2. We lived in a HOA community once. Never again! Good Luck.