Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Slipping into a Routine

Well, we are slipping into a routine here at the RV, though it is not ideal. 

Since it is just a transition for us, noone is really treating it like home and it is even awkward saying it is home.  Such as, "Let's head back home." is "Let's go back to the RV."

We are making it work though and this time will give us what we need financially, but we all agree we will be glad when it is over. 

So, the weekends are still up in the air because we have to look at home things so often.  The kids don't like to go, but we make them to get them out of the RV.  I also make them get out daily and take a walk at least. They don't feel extremely comfortable as many people sit out on their little patio areas and Laney feel like they are staring at her.  She liked the trail we had by our last house.

My back is not doing so great.  I really do not have a place to do my stretches like I should, so I am paying for it.  Hopefully the chiropractor can help keep me at bay while we go through this time.  Yesterday evening, my leg went numb.  Not good.  I do not want to start falling again and have to go back in a wheel chair.  So, I am implementing a walking time for me (several times a day) and the tens unit on bad nights.

We have gotten the cooking thing down though.  We had steak, baked potatoes, stuffed portobella mushrooms and asparagus for dinner.  I made the baked potatoes in the crock pot and Darrell grilled the rest of it.  Tonight, we are having stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken with steamed broccoli and tomato/cucumber salad.  I will stuff and wrap the chicken that Darrell will grill, and we cook the broccoli on the stove top.  The salad I will make this afternoon so the dill can come out fully.

It is cumbersome when preparing, but the cooking part we have gotten down.

Sleeping is also good - I am sleeping better and more now than I have years. I mean a luxurious 8-10 hours a day.  My body feels like it is starting to repair itself from all the stress.  My back needs work, but everything else is getting better - including starting to lose weight!

 During the week, we get up when we get up.  I have coffee while the kids get their breakfast.  After a cup, we either start school in the RV or go to the Rec Room.  Come back for lunch.  I go check on things at the land and get the mail.  Then, when I get back, we work on history and literature.  After that, I clean up a little bit and read.  Then Darrell comes home, we cook, eat dinner, watch a movie, go to bed.

That is about it.  Very slow life, but at least we have a routine.  Yes, every other week we go to the Library and I am trying to find things we can do that do not revolve around food, but house happenings have kept us close so far.  This is definitely a hands on project.  We did go to the movies a week ago and have plans for the contemporary art museum.  We may go on a rainy day since I know no work will happen!  ;)

Glad to finally be at this point, even if we feel we are still in limbo. 

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