Monday, May 1, 2017

Frustration with the Lender

This is why I keep saying over and over and over again, this is the last time we are doing something like this.  I am so sick of lenders, it is pathetic.

So, I have to email them every couple of days to actually keep them working on our loan.  It is insane.

We put in a contingency that was based on the sale of our home.  Well, that happened so fast - as you well know.  So, on the afternoon we closed, I asked the title office to send me an email version of the closing documents so I could send them to our new lender right away.  I did that - before we were even funded from the closing, I sent them the documents.

I did not get a response of receipt like normal, so on the following Monday morning (we closed Friday afternoon), I sent the document AGAIN - to all the people involved with this loan.  I was thanked and notified of receipt.  Excellent - check something else off the list.  Or so I thought.

Then I asked about the appraisal and I walked you through all that last week.  Which, by the way, when I wrote after it was late, they thanked me for reminding them.  Sigh.

When we got word about the appraisal, I asked if the builder still needed approval or if we were close to closing, what were the remaining steps, etc.  I was told that were waiting on a couple of things from the title company and we were close to closing.  That was last Thursday. 

Friday, we received the wrong final Disclosure.

Monday morning, I am waiting, waiting, waiting, to hear.  We are supposed to close this week, so I figured we would be wrapping things up quickly. 

Well, at 4 pm, when I had not heard anything, I sent an email.  I asked about the updated disclosure and if there was anything I could do to expedite the items needed from the title company.  I have a tendency to be able to get things done - people are quite amazed when they have not seen it happen before.  Though, I leave a wake, so my husband says people should be careful when they ask me to get involved - not sure if I consider this a gift or not. 

Anyway, she said she need to talk to the title company from our current home.  Um, we don't have a home!  We closed on the 21st and are renting a space for our RV which we live in. 

Oh, she was waiting for those documents and did not realize that I had sent them - over a week ago!  She has been waiting and the loan is on hold because of this!  UNFREAKING BELIEVABLE!  She is sorry, she has them - blah, blah, blah.

So, of course, I start getting emails from everyone updating me on the progress of things.  Yeah, you screwed up.  This should be an easy loan.  We are well-qualified, asking for less the max, paying 20% down - which puts us at 35-40% down on the value and have been upfront and quick in getting them the information they have asked for.

I bet we don't close before next week because we still have to go through the final underwriting.

I am so tired of pulling these people through the process. 

Good news though, we are clearing the land tomorrow! I plan on getting pictures.  This is a very progressive step - makes it feel real.

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