Friday, June 30, 2017

Week 22 Update

This week it is really all about the house - not much has happened in the other areas.

Land Home - A picture tells a story.  I am going to give a series of pictures of the build.  It has been a wonderful week watching it starting from the ground up.  As a continuation from last week, the room above the garage is built and looks like it will work great for college boy and any guest that want a more traditional space to sleep in - other than the RV.   Where to put the entrance door is the problem now - the space is only 6ft at the very top of the stairs to one side, so we are considering putting it on the bottom floor. I think that will work fine.

We opened up a portion of the hallway to give us more space for moving in furniture and to just let it feel not so cramped.  The hall is still a bit narrow towards my daughter's room, but it is only 6' of space, so not far at all.

When they put in the roof, the space inside suddenly felt a LOT larger - like incredibly larger.  I don't think I will ever regret going with the 10ft ceilings everywhere.  It allowed us to put windows in places that otherwise would not have gotten any - like our master closet, our daughter's bathroom and our water closet (yes, that is the name for the toilet room). 

We are just in awe.  The patio space is so large.  I will take better pictures of the different areas once you can actually see the divided spaces.  It is still just a bunch of boards, unless you are there.

Just concrete and pipes

They are coming - the dumpster has been delivered!

So much in one day!

Rain made them quit after just a few hours.

Another short, rainy day

1st sunny day - WOW!

We got the chimney and the more detailed woodworking
Today, they are putting up the chip board siding and getting all the windows framed out.  Lots of detail work that won't show up in the large pictures, but we can see by going there.

This is the room above the garage.  It is not a really large space, but it will serve the purpose intended. 

This is as you come up the stairs (that are not in- I am on a ladder)

This is the other view - you cannot get a sense of the height - it is 8 ft sloping to 5 ft.

Things are moving on along now - even the kids got excited being able to see their spaces.  The builder ordered the windows a couple of weeks ago, so I think this will be coming together soon - I am ready for them to put the electricity pole up so I can start working on the front door!

The other great news, the artist doing our stained glass for the door finally got us the design!  Isn't it gorgeous!

On the disappointing front, the shed has come to a stand still.  I tried to call yesterday, but I have not heard back from them.  Concrete people are behind from all the rain, so I understand, just keeping me informed would be great.

RV Living - Well, as you heard from earlier in the week, this RV and company just do not mix.  We made it work, but I am going to say no to everyone else until the house is built and we move in.  It was just too hard.

Even with college boy, we had to move chairs outside - he had no privacy, though noone does on this RV.  Really, we are comfortable with us 4 and we cannot accommodate for any more people.  He moved out yesterday and seems much happier even though he in camping in a living room.

Cooking is still tough, but we are getting into the groove.  Seeing the house go up has helped us all. 

The really bad colds Darrell and I had knocked us for a loop - my voice has only just come back and he is still coughing.   Next week, the younger two are going to my sister's house, so they will each get their own space to sleep and a nice big shower with water pressure to clean themselves in.  Dad and I get ALONE TIME!  LOL - we said we would watch skin flicks just because we could - not because we like them!  LOL

Homeschool - I decided to take off this week as well.  With my voice out - we were not getting very far, we had company until Tuesday, the builder went out of town, so I was up at the land a ton - we just gave up.  We will get back into it when they get back from my sister's.

Now, something fun that came up - Laney said she wanted to give the theater a try.  WOO-HOO!  I am super excited for her.  This takes care of several issues I worried about - 1) she is a hesitant public speaker 2) she loses voice inflection when talking about something other than normal conversation 3) she is looking for friends and the theater are a tight knit group of people, 4) it satisfies an art semester!  This is good all around!

Well, I need to get another cup of coffee - I am dragging today.  Lots of paperwork things to take care of and I also need a bite to eat.

Did your week turn out as good as you wanted? 


  1. it looks so much bigger with the roof on it!That's great your daughter is willing to give the theater a try. We had our son take speech and drama class, just to get more comfortable speaking in public and he ended up really enjoying it.

    1. I really hope this does it for my daughter as well! She needs it. Yes, the house looks HUGE now! I cannot wait to see yours!

  2. NO, I am so ill this week! Ten foot ceilings are the way to go. You will never regret it. Keeping all the heat at the ceiling in winter is the only problem. Ceiling fans can push that down. Or, aim a fan at the ceilings. Your house really looks huge now.

  3. I am so glad you decided to go ahead and get the room above the garage. It will give you so much more space!