Thursday, June 1, 2017


Yesterday was big day in regards to the house progress.

I met the builder and contractors at the land to finalize the positions of the shed and house.  The last pile of brush was burning and it was a hot summer day here!

First the bummer news, I thought we were supposed to meet at 2:30.  I let us sleep in to get some rest, then we were slow moving.  I usually do not eat breakfast, so I just had my coffee.  In fact, I am sure I did not even drank water because I was just dragging yesterday. We did not get to the rec room for homeschool until 11.

At 11:45, I get a text saying we will meet at 12:30.  AGH!!  I am 30 minutes away.  So, we pack up, go back to the RV, I get some water, put on my tennis shoes and head out.  No food at this point.

We get to work immediately, walking back and forth over the property.  Large trucks are dumping dirt, there are several piles of brush burning quite hard.  Smoke and heat from the fire is felt acutely.

After about an hour and a half, I feel light headed and faint.  My muscles are weak and I just cannot work anymore.  They get me some water and put me in the shade.  Great - only a sip of water and no food - wonderful combination for this heat - really bad planning on my part.

I felt awful the rest of the day and honestly, I hardly slept last night, so I feel horrible today too!  I need to drink lots of water and something with a little salt.

BUT, we are making great progress!

The dirt pad for the shed is almost done and about 1/2 of the dirt for the house pad is done.  Unfortunately, it rained last night, so I am not sure how much is going to get done today.  It the nature of it though.

Here are 2 pictures.  1 is from the back of the property and the other is from the front.  I could have gotten a better shot, but the big excavating machines are parked where I would stand to take a good, clean shot, but you get the idea.

This is from the back of the property - the red dirt on the right is the shed, on the left is the house. Our truck is parked in the driveway way back there!

This is from leaning on the grill of the truck.  The shed pad is on the left now and the house is on the right.

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