Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I went to get Henna with my sister and daughter today.  This was planned for at least two months and we had a relaxing good time. 

After the henna, we went to Kohl's to look for a swimsuit for my daughter.  We could not find one, but she found 2 shirts and a light jacket.  I hated the jacket, but my sister talked me into it.  It was $54, but we got it for $14.

Then we went to Academy and found a swimsuit for her.  Then we had a salad lunch since I had chili cooking in the crock pot.

Here are our henna pictures!

I usually get my on my lower leg and ankle, but this time I decided to get it done on my arm.  I told her to use a dragonfly and then incorporate it into any design she wished.  She is very talented and she only uses the safest henna out there.  I love the dark orange it has not - this is still with thick dye on it.

My daughter wanted a snake very badly!  I am very impressed with how the artist came up with a elegant, but fierce snake all at once!  My daughter is extremely happy with it, even though it does not go down her arm all the way.

I have not downloaded my sister's yet, but she did a flower on her wrist, then a bigger floral design on her ankle and lower leg.  It is lovely.

Do any of you get henna from time to time?  I like to get it every summer at least once.


  1. I haven't done the Henna, but my DD did once when we went to Hawaii.

    1. I love it! It goes from a brown to a light orange and then just fades away. I would never get a tattoo, though - henna is wild enough for me.

  2. At a party of mostly college kids, I did get henna on both hands, beautiful designs. My friend who was a professor at the university was invited to her son's party and I was invited, too. An art professors was there and putting it on the cutie college girls. I quietly asked for a design. He got started on one hand and worked longer than with the young girls, and then asked if I would like it on the other. I was thrilled beyond belief. When I got home to this small town, I realized this would not go over at all and spent hours and days trying to scrub it off.

    1. LOL - I get nasty looks out here in the country, but they can jump of a cliff! I LOVE henna. I get different designs, they wear off eventually and when I get old, I won't have a saggy design! I really wish people would open up and try different experiences - it would help with the social injustices. But history repeats itself and human nature is the same wherever and whenever.