Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer Fun

I am spending a little time today putting some plans in place for summer fun.

During the week, it is very difficult to make plans as the house causes me to on call almost all the time.  I typically do not receive much notice.  For example, I got at 5pm about meeting at the land at 7:30 a.m. to get the forms laid down.  I am a little glad that the pad was not ready because we had doctor appointments this morning - it would have been a very rushed morning otherwise.

So, the kids are not up for camps too much or I would have had them in them once per month at least.

1. K is going to a programming camp - sleepover thank goodness!  Even though Laney will be here at the RV, K will not, so they are getting a break from each other - also no homeschool that week!

2.  We are going to an Astros game on a Friday when they have fireworks.  It should be a fun outing.  We opted to pay a little more and get really good seats - we have always been in the nosebleed section and could barely see the guys playing.

3. My most wonderful, awesome, sister is going to take them for a week in August.  Darrell and I have decided NOT to go anywhere.  It is going to be during a busy time with the house.  He will still take vacation from work and we will spend the days doing what we want - sans kids style.

4. We are renting a pontoon boat and going out on a lake.  Not exactly sure when - maybe September.

5. Moody Gardens - it will be an expensive day, but we have budgeted a little extra this summer while we were in the RV.  My kids have never been and I have only been to the movies there.  We will make a day of it and maybe even go into Galveston for a fresh fish dinner.

Other than that, we are doing Sonic drink runs once a week - a nice cool slushy is great on these hot days. 1/2 price from 2 to 4.  Library every other week and once a month for doc appointments.

There are a few smaller things that we will do, but these are the big ones since we are locked here and our weekend getaway place is what we are living in! 

Anyone else staycationing it?


  1. Sounds like a great Summer lineup. We live on a lake, so more than likely we will staycation it this Summer. If we do decide to go anywhere, it would need to be in the Fall as this is my busy time with my seasonal job.

    1. Fall is when things start getting less busy in the fun areas anyway, which is why we are putting off pontooning until then. Once schools starts, everything else gets real quiet - really quickly!

  2. Well, we have a second home on q beach in FL. But, we generally don't take vacations. When I first stopped working before my first was born, it just wasn't financially feasible. We still had a small bit of my student loan to repay, and hadn't yet purchased a house. No way I was going to spend $ on a vacation. As the kids came, turned out just driving them to the park was an ordeal. DH insisted on a few trips, (he is a pilot) but honestly, it wasn't fun being in a hotel with them. He so insisted on us all going to his mother's across the country 2-3x's/year. I was pregnant with our first dd when I told he could go, take whomever he wanted, but I was staying put! He took our youngest, and got as far as the airport, felt overwhelmed trying to maneuver with the car seat, so came home!
    Kids used to do a week sleep away camp, but the novelty wore off. I don't feel the need to schedule their free time. Also, I hate amusement parks. If they want to go, they can go with their school band, earning the money themselves.

    1. I am with you on amusement parks! HATE THEM! I went to my last one when we did Universal Studios. I am not one to really schedule them, but I feel bad with us living in the RV. They are really on top of each other and we are very hermit-like by nature. Like you, I do not schedule all their time - they never say they are bored either. Good strong stock! LOL

    2. What a funny story about your husband, Meg!

    3. Funny how people decide they can't tolerate what they actually have to manage themselves. He said he took one look at the line for security, and couldn't bear the thought of coralling our guy, the carry on bag and car seat through that, only to keep him busy on the flight, just to get to his mother's where there s nothing for him to do, only to repeat on the way home.