Monday, June 26, 2017

Quick Check in

They are still here. I am sick - have no voice whatsoever.  Hubs is sick - coughing constantly and has been since they got here.  Youngest son is getting sick. 

It has been awful.  Just plain awful.  I am exhausted.  Tired of entertaining.  Crying.  Depressed.

I need to sleep, but cannot sleep because of college boy and hubs coughing.

Hopefully it will get better - college boy is moving in with friends (thankfully).  We are helping him pay rent for these two months, but it will be better overall - he had no space here.

Kids are going to my sister's next week, so we will get alone time and I will get some sleep.  Things will get better.


  1. You know, you CAN rethink the RV thing.
    Barring that, deep breaths. You'll be in your house soon enough.

    1. Yep, soon enough. We are sticking it out here because well, honestly, I just do not want to move again. Kids go away next week, I will get my groove back - especially when I have a voice again.

  2. Put Vicks Vaporub on the soles of their feet and put socks over. I know it sounds crazy, but I was desperate and quit coughing before I finished the first foot sole! It works.

    1. We are using it, just not on our feet! I will get them to do that tonight - knock this crap out!