Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pre-Foundation Pictures

OK,  here you go!  This is the last time I will see our home like this!

These are flexible rebar cables that support the concrete that makes up our foundation.  There are many, many running all through these - some our static on one end and some can be pulled from both ends.  They stay very taut in the concrete.

This the garage -left back, my office - left front, the kitchen - mid to right front, the living room - right back and kind of in the middle you can see part of the patio.

This is the bedroom side of the house and all 3 bathrooms. 

This is the overall view.  You can clearly see the division of the house and garage.  The division toward the left side beyond the garage is our patio.  It is 821 sq ft and SCREENED!

I just could not get over these cables - so fascinating how they work.  I kept examining them!

Watching the guys put in all the supports was so amazing!  They played with each other and obviously enjoyed their time - made it wonderful because they worked so hard and it was amazing to see people working and having fun!

The plumber took time to explain all the pipes and how they work, why they put in certain things - such a major learning curve for me.  They put these styrofoam boxes around bathtub and shower pipes so there is room to work in the concrete - for a catchment basin and to install the actual tubs - giving them room to be set down into.

An overview of the property.  The shed is scheduled to have forms on Friday.  We have been put off and put off - sigh.  These are the joys of building.

Bright and Early at 5 am, we are getting the concrete poured!  The builder said we can walk on it tomorrow evening.  Framing begins next week!