Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pity Party Over for Good

OK, Even though I am sick with no voice whatsoever, I am done with the pity party.  I will have bad days - everyone does, but I am done with the bad mood thing.

The in-laws are leaving this afternoon, the kids and I are having brunch with them.  They are wonderful people, the timing was wrong and the fact that we got sick did not make it better.  The main issue was there was no place to sit and chat.  Our RV is small.  There is only room for 4 max and we squeezed 8 people in this thing to eat.  It was uncomfortable at best.  Added to that, it rained 1/2 the time.

They were bored, we were so very sick.  Bad combination.  I was the better of us two, so I went grocery shopping and prepared the meals.  I think I may pass out this afternoon.

On top of them being here, college boy.  He is a little arrogant right now - which is annoying me to no end.  I am VERY thankful his friends are letting him crash there for a couple of months. He was miserable here and although we would make it work, this is a better situation.

So today, we are having brunch, then I have to go to the bank and get college boy's first month's rent, then get him a wallet - he lost his last week (another fun event).  Back home to rest and we will have mostly leftovers for dinner.  I will bread some chicken and bake it, then left over baked beans, sliced tomatoes, watermelon and blackberry pie.  Kind of a mish mosh, but it is what needs to be eaten.

Gratitude - 5 per day

1. Boiled Peanuts - such a small, random thing, but this is one my most favorite things to eat.  I cannot get them here in Texas, so when my in-laws come, they bring me boiled peanuts.

2. Massages - the muscles in my back and hip get very tight from a past injury.  My husband massages me every single day. 

3. Coffee - need I say more?

4. Libraries - my need to read is so voracious, that I could never afford it - libraries are wonderful!

5. Fans - I love air movement and fan are a must in this humid environment.  Any time I stay over night somewhere, I carry my fan.

I hope you have a great day!  The sun is not shining and rain is eminent, but it makes for a good afternoon nap!


  1. how miserable to have company and be sick! Seems like the family visiting might have been a little more considerate of the fact that you have absolutely zero space at this time? It sounds like they should have rented a vacation house for the visit where you all could have hung out and enjoyed the space LOL

    1. Man, we should have thought of that! That would have been better! I didn't even think of staying in a house. We really should have done that.

  2. If your son is an adult and lost his wallet why isn't he going out and buying himself a new one?

    1. Well, he pays for everything else - we are paying his rent, because otherwise he would be living with us. But, we are not paying car insurance, cell phone, electricity, internet, food, gas or anything else. This is just something as a mom I wanted to do for him. He is only 19. It is not something I usually do, this is just something I wanted to do. The wallet he chose was $15.

    2. I managed to get three leather, fancy name brand wallets for two grandsons and friend for birthdays. By buying them on clearance with coupon at Belk, I had cheap high-quality gifts. I know you don't need a wallet now and have no space to store gifts! Was driver's license or money in the wallet?

    3. He only had $2. But his driver's license, a debit card and his school's ID were in there. He cancelled the card, went and got a new license,and will get a new ID when he gets back to college. He had his last wallet for over 2 years, so $15 was not a stretch for us. He did not ask for it nor expect it, this was just my gift to him. I used my blow money.