Friday, June 9, 2017

Week 19 Update

It is a late post today because I was waiting to see what got done.  It has been a lack luster week really, but things are about to change.

1. Land Home - The rain last weekend kept things on hold the entire week.  Today they finally got the dirt in!  These guys worked their asses off getting the house ready.  There is a step down from the garage to the rest of the house since there was a 3 ft grade from front to back.  But late this evening, they got almost done with the house pad, but need 1 more load!  The shed pad is done though, so that is set to get the forms Monday or Wednesday. 

We ended up getting the guys some beer for all their hard work. In the morning, we go and watch while the forms are being set.  Monday, the rough plumbing is going in and Wednesday the whole pad is being poured for the house.  I will try to get pictures, but they are doing it at 5 am, so I am not sure the lighting will allow me that favor.

It was kind of rough with my builder - he is not great at communication - at the least the correct kind I need, so there was confusion.  It is better now, but still - it will be an interesting few months. 

2. RV Living - It has been tough - going a whole week with NO progress on the house.  We all got a little depressed and started talking about all that we were looking forward to.  It is good and bad.  Good because it helps us keep the eye on the prize, but bad because the time frame is still long.

Other than that, we have our routine now.  Laundry twice a week, shower every 2 days, cooking for dinner.  Breakfast and lunch are harder - there is zero counterspace, so noone wants to cook to even chop just for breakfast or lunch. 

I need to pull my bootstraps up and be the person to look up to, but I am struggling too.

3. Homeschool - another week down.  I have not graded and group history did not happen at all.  Again, we were all down a bit.


  1. Re: Homeschool grading. When I homeschooled, I wouldn't grade per se. I would check work briefly, to see if the kid understood the lesson. With Saxon math, if they couldn't "get" a problem, they'd come to me. (And DAMN, the number of times I had to say "if I am busy with someone else, skip it, move on to the next one, DON'T JUST SIT THERE!) Anyway, as a homeschooler, you always know where your kids are academically, so I wouldn't beat myself up over the grading. Does TX require gradebooks from homeschoolers? WA only asks that those home educators without certification, (a certain number of college credits completed, or completion of the state home educators certification class) keep a portfolio of work on hand for review in case of a supervisory visit. (I have never heard of one happening.) Also, you, with kids grade 2-9, may keep a portfolio of sample work to submit in lieu of standardized testing. Again, I have never been asked to submit these materials. Interestingly, to this end, public school parents can also opt kids in those grades out of the tests (I do.) A portfolio is then used for promotion purposes.
    Here's to your next week!

    1. Nope, Texas does not require anything. It is all me! There are lots of unschoolers here, so there hell would be raised if that changed! We don't even have to report attendance - which is fabulous, because we would have been screwed these past few months. Even now, we are only half in.