Thursday, June 1, 2017

I never learn...

To keep my fucking mouth shut about political issues and my beliefs to myself.  I feel so isolated in my thoughts sometimes that they just blurt out and then I feel so guilty, even though I am not attacking anyone, slandering anyone or singling out any person other than the presidents of two countries. 

Sigh, OK - my little rant here.

I am keeping it on the environmental realm - which is all I know.

France's Climate Agreement is bunk.  All these types of agreements are.  It is all driven by economics.  All of it - no matter what you hear on the media or dream of or think of or anything - it is all economics and then power.

I know because I was an environmental activist.  Sure, officials would consider anything as long as taxes could be raised or the particular environmental concern could generate it own funding because of the money saved - for example in the oil industry.  If by curbing green house gases from the production of natural gases could somehow be made into a cash cow - they BING  - you have a reduction in green house gases.  But, since there is nothing right now, to reduce the green house gases COSTS money.  Do you think the oil companies will suck that up?  Not a chance, they will pass it along to the consumer, who you know what, who will pay every last for it because they want that Truck, that SUV, that Car, those clothes, that food, that everything. But, the consumer complains when prices rise, so....

There will be a tipping point though.  And this is why I stopped being an activist.  There is only so much oil,  there is only so much gas.  One day, it will be gone.  However, before that, the climate will get warmer - more vegetation will grow - more evaporation, more severe storms and then the ocean will absorb all that carbon dioxide and we be thrown into an ice age - where billions of people will die ( whoever is left from the storms), because food will be scarce and the cold will kill.  Then, eventually, the oceans will start releasing that carbon dioxide and the earth will start warming and the vegetation will grow.  See the cycle.

Thing is, the earth will take care of itself.  We are not the first animals on this planet and we won't be the last.  We can do our worst, then we will be the oil that future generations will use. 

I don't agree with France's Climate Agreement - it is too ambiguous and generalized.  It needs to be rethought out.


  1. I believe President Trump did the right thing. Just my 2 cents!

    1. Thank you - I live amongst those that feel otherwise!

  2. I agree with Trump - getting out was the right thing to do

    1. Me too. It is difficult for some to see beyond the writing on the wall.