Saturday, June 10, 2017

Next Phase!

Today was FABULOUS!  The dirt guys finished, the concrete guys came in and set the forms!  We have rough in plumbing on Monday, footings Monday as well.  Inspection on Tuesday, and pouring the concrete pad on Wednesday!  WOOHOO!

We sat and watched them.  It is easy to tell where the rooms will be - well, kind of - knowing the dimensions it is.  Our builders says one week from Tuesday, the framing will start!  So much excitement now.

The shed forms will go in next week, so that is in the works as well.

Today is the first day of official daily shots.  Let me know what is good to put all these pictures in a movie at the end!  My husband is super excited about this, as am I. 

Here is the shot of our house and shed with the forms on the pad!  Very exciting!

June 10 - forms are in place!


  1. Exciting to see the house moving along. Just curious as I live in an area where most homes have basements, will your house have a crawl space or is the house built directly on the slab?

    1. Directly on the slab. This area is not much above water level, so we cannot have a basement or crawl spaces. I have never had so they seem really odd to me! LOL

    2. Interesting! I've so used to having a basement, that I couldn't imagine not having one. lol