Friday, June 16, 2017

Week 20 Update

Well, this week was actually pretty exciting - lots going on, then not a lot going on.  The roller coaster is exhausting!

1. Land Home - Well, the rough plumbing is in, electrical conduits for the living room floor plug and island are in, the whole foundation was poured and it is now curing!  WOO-HOO!  The patio looks HUGE, the house looks small, but that is an illusion and will look larger when the walls go up.

What also came up is making the attic in the garage a room.  Looks like getting it approved for living space is not an option for one reason alone.  We have to have some sort of automatic heating unit to keep the room from getting under 60F.  A space heater does not count.  WOW!  So, we decided to not go for a bedroom, but put in an egress window and get the electrical wires up to livable code as well as the insulation.  In the future, if we decide to do something to make this a livable room - it will not be difficult - it is just not financially feasible right now.

The large shed is underway as well - finally!  They came out and set the forms and dug the trenches for the concrete pad.  They are a bit painful - complained a lot, took LOTS of breaks - like work 10 minutes, break 20-30 minutes.  It took them 2 days to lay a 30 x 40 basic rectangle shape.  It took the other guys 4 hours to lay the outline forms for the whole house, patio and garage.  Anyway, it is ready for concrete, but I am not sure when that will happen - hopefully next week.


2. RV Living - Always a struggle.  We are in the doldrums of summer along with the doldrums on living in tight quarters.  Cooking in the RV is too hot right now, so we are trying to make everything in the crock pot, rice cooker and grill.  Luckily, I just found out that our rice cooker has a steamer - heaven, I am in heaven!

My emotions are up and down like crazy.  Waiting has never been easy for me.   Each step done is like a tease!  LOL  I miss my work - a lot miss it this week.  Designing, creating - these are life to me.  We already decided when the shed is done, I can start on some woodworking projects.  It will be hot, but I will have a fan.  I need to refinish the front door and make some art for a wall in the living room.
I am going to attempt to make something like this - only with different stain colors - no white.

My daughter's bed now has a large divet in the center - I think we are going to have to get some more foam for her.  If I could see to my son's bed, his is probably the same.  We need to pull it out and see if we can fluff it out first. We will see.

3. Homeschool - We are doing the work every week, but our hearts are not in it.  It is a season.  They are still learning, just not the depth I would like.  I am not into it either.  It may be the summer thing - school is usually out in the summer - as much as it is the RV thing.  However, we already took off 2-3 months at the beginning of the year, so we cannot do that now.  We need to finish the grammar and math books for sure - we are close - so close!  For example, in Math - they are on lesson 95 of 120.  I mean seriously close.  I think as we finish each subject, we will just stop it until fall because then we will be caught up so to speak.

Excitement - my college boy will be here next week!  Today is his last working day while is in on the mission. They get fun time tomorrow, then start going back to the college on Sunday and Monday.  I am not sure will he will be here, but it should be Tuesday.  Then on Friday, I will have ALL my kiddos at dinner - it is not as often anymore, but I still love it when all my duckies are in a row.

This weekend, we are going to at reclaimed barnwood for our mantle and possibly for our beams in the ceiling - depending on price. I am not holding my breath, but it would be stunning!  We are going to the library, getting our shopping done and meeting up with some friends.  A low key weekend while we are waiting for concrete to dry! 

What are y'all up to this weekend?


  1. Right now I'm sure all this waiting feels like agony. It took us exactly 11 months to get into the house we are in now. While going through the process, it often felt like it was never going to happen. July 31st will mark our 2nd anniversary in our home.

    Super busy weekend for me. Open house at my seasonal job. Church function for Father's Day followed by another busy day at work. I'm tired just thinking about it. Lol.

    1. I forgot it was Father's Day - we don't celebrate most holidays, so it is not in my paradigm. Open house - let me know how it goes - I am highly considering one when we get moved in and I start back up.

      Keep hanging in there - all that work is paying off - you are doing great!

      Hey, I could not get into your blog yesterday at all - I wanted to reply to your post, but then I could not get back in. If you are going to do a virtual group for support - like a private Facebook group - I am all in! I cannot officially start until the house is finished, but I am all in at that point. We are mid to late 40s, but in a lot of debt!

    2. Yep, I tried again, still cannot get in.

    3. I'm not sure what is going on with it! I couldn't access it either from my home internet, but oddly could via my internet on my phone which is a different provider. I contacted my host provider and they said the problem isn't on their end. I am now at my seasonal job and was able to access it just fine. So strange...and frustrating!

      I'm thinking a private FB group would be good. It would give us a place to chat and motivate each other about getting out of debt.

    4. Just had another thought. Hate it when they pop in my head AFTER I comment. Lol. How about a small group on Cafe Mom? It might be a little more user friendly in that we could each have our own thread with debt accountability and also be able to post questions, topics, etc.

    5. I don't know Cafe Mom, but certainly willing to try!

    6. Thanks for keeping me updated about my blog. I still have my old site here on blogger (The Line has been Drawn) and until I can figure out what is going on, I'll post there for now. Since you couldn't get to it, now I'm not sure who to contact.

      Cafe Mom is free and has a forum type of set up. I'd be happy to create a group. Any suggestions on what we could call it?

  2. I have a worker like that. After 15 min. work, she asks for a smoke break and gets tired a lot.

    If you go somewhere else, I won't follow. Going to blogs is my thing, not fb. I have fb, but never go there. Just me.

    1. I have no intention of quitting my blog. Just need to figure out what is blocking it. Until I figure it out, I'll be blogging at my old site right here on blogger...The Line has been Drawn.

  3. I love seeing all of your progress photos! It is so neat to see the construction of a house from start to finish.