Friday, June 23, 2017

Week 21 Update

Well, this is shaping up to be quite a week.  This moment is the calm before the storm.

Land Home:  As you saw from my last post, the frame is going up!  WOO-HOO!  I had to square away windows and doors, so the builder is ordering those.  There were 3 main issues this week with the build.

1.  Creating a room in the attic above the garage.  Why?  We always talked about this - ALWAYS.  We were so busy during the planning stages that we completely forgot and then, we were concerned about cost and getting the loan, etc, etc.  Well, now that I have time to look at the plans constantly and I remembered the architect saying there was enough headroom there, we decided to go ahead and get the room.  It will be used for anyone that wants to stay with us and some minor storage (Christmas mainly) due to it being climate controlled.  We are keeping it very simple.  I think one of the reasons I was so down is I was waiting to hear the hit this would be.  I am a worry wart.

Drum Roll - $6,400.  So, yes, an expense, but MUCH, MUCH less than if we decided to do it later.  We are doing some of the work - painting, laying out the floor and the trim and installing the air conditioner/heater.  Since college boy is going to be living with us, this gives him a little apartment that has its own entrance.  We can put a mini fridge and microwave in it as well.

2. The master bathroom is narrow. A little difficult to explain, but the shower is 12 feet wide and about 4 ft. deep.  The 12 foot section just had a wall there spanning almost the entire length of the bathroom.  It was very uncomfortable.  We are working to get a glass divider instead of the wall.  This shower is a walk in with no door and there is no tub in this bathroom.

I still don't know the outcome of this yet, but he is working on it.  Since they have to continue framing, we are making sure this wall will not receive any load bearing joists or rafters.  VERY good time to do this!

3.  The main hallway felt very narrow and we were unsure we could get furniture in our bedroom, so we opened up part of the hallway and took away space from our storage room.  It was not really useful space anyway, so I do not think we will miss it.  Luckily, they had put up the hall frame, but not the storage space frame, so there is very little work that has to be done to fix this.

It rained, so we lost one day.  I think they are going to work tomorrow as well.

RV Living - Please, don't think I am giving up.  This stay is allowing us to get everything we want in the house.  This is why we did this!  It is hard.  Everything is hard.  Cooking, cleaning, eating, relaxing, sleeping, laundry, working - it all takes so much more effort and planning than you can imagine.  It is exhausting, but because of this - we get a copper farmhouse sink, copper pendants over the island, an attic room, reclaimed barnwood beams in the living room and on the mantle, saltillo tiles and engineered hardwood floors, cedar posts on the patio, a huge shed for a workshop and will house our RV, a cement driveway, all framing structure is upgraded, foundation upgraded, a Sonic Ice maker, leathered granite with a double chiseled edge and on and on and on.  We are cash flowing all of it except what was determined at the time of the loan.  So, all extras are because we are living in this RV.

It will be worth it to end this in no more debt than we started.

The inclusion of another adult is TOUGH, though!  He doesn't want to be here and the blow up literally takes up all the floor space.   I am still in awe that his father's side of the family will not let him stay when they ALL have houses.  So, I cleared one of our larger shelves for him.  I just had to shore up some things.  He feels better with it.  His guitar is a pain in the ass, but we just added it to the list of things to move around every day.  No matter what, my children always have a space to stay - no matter how inconvenient to me.  Now, this does not mean they can be lazy, but he is only here 2 months.

Wish me luck with the in-laws this weekend.  I love them to death, but this is the absolute worst time!

Homeschool - Gosh, we were off this week because of a tech camp.  However, someone reached out to me about a social group, so we are going to try it out next week.  Hopefully this will lead to more and better things for us.

OK, I gotta run - you won't hear from me until Monday for sure - not commenting or posting.  I have to get laundry done and clean up a bit before the inlaws get here.

So, y'all have a great weekend!


  1. I don't know your family dynamics with your college sons fathers family, but it is a lot to have another person move in with a family even for two months.They didn't make the decisions you have made and probably feel no responsibility to change their household to accomodate him living there. Personally, I'd be fine with the guest, we hosted a girl last year while family was in transition, but it wasn't without challenges.

    1. I do get that it would be an adjustment, however, this is not distant family - this is his FATHER! Also, his grandparents. My son has a job and picks up shifts so he gone almost all the time. Even when he is not working, he is visiting everyone he has not seen in a while. He is clean, helps out and pays his own way. 2 months max. I just don't understand - this is what immediate family does. I am not expecting this of cousins, aunt or uncles. Just his father and possibly the grandparents. I will get over it and we will make it work. I just feel like it always falls on me to make everything work and work around others issues. Poor me. Putting big girl panties back on.

    2. The son will remember this and how you were the only one to help out. And, you deserve to whine a bit.

  2. Sorry if I misunderstood as you had said "fathers side of family and all have houses". I assumed excluding his dad, as first option already, and that meant aunts, uncles etc. It sounds like a tough situation.