Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Our builder is gone this week, taking his son to the Naval Academy.  So, when the boss is away - yeah, the building is very slow going this week.  It does not help that it is raining a bit every single day.  We are in a rain forest right now; yes, everything is super green and lush, but extremely humid and hot!  I tend to swell in the summer and yep, I am very swollen right now.

Yesterday, only 3 workers showed up to continue framing.  I was there when they started, then checked again at lunch - no more workers, then we went in the evening.  They were no further than what I saw at lunch.  Disappointing.  At this rate, we will not get done until after Christmas. 

Hopefully, when the builder gets back, he can get a fire started under them again.

The framers have almost completely got the bottom floor done and they are working on the second story over the garage.  The shed has come to a complete stop - I have no idea when they will get the concrete poured.

With no voice, I cannot call.  Hubs is backlogged at work because he was sick, so he cannot call right now.  Maybe my voice will come back this afternoon and I can get some work done.

But in the meantime, I am enjoying the summer sales my vendors have!  It seems all my vendors have these terrific sales in the summer - like 50% off or more, so I stock up on digital files.  I am itching to start sewing again and have considered getting my machine, but I know I will want to embroider and that is just impossible here.

So, I am starting my list of what I want to do.  There is a homeschool entrepreneurs' show in October and I would LOVE to go, but with that time frame, I would not have time to create very many items.  IF, we get in the house September, I might, and that is a big if!  The likelihood is at about 1% chance.


1. Heating pad - I love my heating pad.  Loosens my muscles in the morning and starts my day off right.

2. My kid's quirks - they are so funny and sweet.  I love when they are all together talking about the old times...

3. Ice - Though I love sonic ice, I will take any shape.  I am not sure how anyone lives without it.

4. Computers - pads and phones just don't quite fit the bill.  Computers are the best thing ever invented.  I was not very creative until computers came along.

5. The darkness of this RV - I cannot sleep with light at all.  At our homes, there was always light we fought with whether it be from neighbors, or lights in other parts of our home, whatever the source, it always woke me up.  However, in this RV, we can get it very, very dark where we sleep.  It is heavenly.

With no voice, I am obviously still sick, though I feel much better, so I am going to take it easy again today - run up and see how work is going, do some laundry and that is about it.  What all are you up to today?


  1. Today, I am trying to get up the gumption to do anything. Right now, I am making sure I have clothes ready for the funeral on Friday and loading the dishwasher. I like it dark, but I don't want to get up in the dark, plus there are a few lights outdoors. I took a black sock or black pair of panties and put either over my eyes.

    1. I know - I read the blog and almost started crying. It is so incredibly sad. We all those times of barely functioning, so hang in there! Be easy with yourself.