Saturday, June 3, 2017

Week 18 Update!

It feels like a lot of hurry up and wait - freaking rain.  We have all approvals, but are moving at a snail's pace due to intermittent rain.

1. Land Home - All the brush is clear and mostly burnt, except for a very small pile - no larger than a fire pit.  They started bringing in the select fill and almost got the shed beginning pad done, but then it rained both Thursday and Friday, so they were unable to finish.  The house needs a lot more, but we staked it, so we know where the house and shed will be!  That felt good, but I did get a little down about having to stop.  It seems lately we get 2 work days a week and that will take a LONG time at that pace. 

The builder did tell me that once the concrete pad is down and in place, rain is not a problem.  The contractors will work through light rain.  For heavy rain, they quit, but work even with puddles and mud. The pad must be DRY though!

The shed is on the books!  We are on the list for the concrete guy, then it will go up fast after that.  I want the shed in so I can refinish the front door and store ALL our outdoor paid-for shed items.  Why pay when I have an outdoor shed that locks?  That will save a little money.

Today, we went and trimmed some trees that are close to the shed and house.  All of us went and the kids had a great time throwing the limbs into the fire and kicking around ashes from the previous burning. We also rode in the back of the pick up (slow pace) and we had a blast.  We all got ashy, sweaty and laughed.  We are going to love this property.

OH!  Excitement!   I found a guy that is getting certified in permaculture specializing in the local edible and herbal plants!  He is trying to get his certificate this summer and we spoke about our time frame.  He is excited because we do not want any lawn, but LOTS of edible trees - nut and fruit, herbal garden, vegetable garden, butterfly/bee garden, with accents of natural grasses (that do not need mowing).  Lots of trails around the areas going to a pond and a fire pit with Adirondack chairs (made from milk jugs!)  We are going to have him design for us and then we implement it over time.  We are seriously excited about this.

2. RV Living - We for the most part have adjusted.  I am struggling a little bit during the week - there are so many have to's, that it seems the walls start closing in.  The weekends are much better. 

Last weekend, we bought a hanging shade for the awning since the evening sun shines right on the door and makes the interior very warm.  It works like a charm - the air conditioner is not running as hard and it feels better outside as well.  Even when it is 90F, it is doable with a fan.  That gets us very excited about our screened patio - large, covered, with ceiling fans and we will NEVER have sun on the tiles! 

Youngest boy is going to camp in a couple of weeks - so he will get a break from us.  My sister is coming, then her, my daughter and I are getting our hair done, probably a pedicure (can you believe I have never had one?) and henna.  My daughter wants a snake down her arm!  LOL - I cannot wait to show you!  Also, college boy is coming home then as well!  I did not get to see him after the quarter end because he is on a mission trip.  We got to talk to him for 10 minutes this morning.  It is the only time they were set up to do that.  He sounds like he is having a good time - lots of hard work, but its satisfying.

We decided to take the kids my sisters late summer and us get away for a few days.  Out of the RV - away from RV life - away from building life, just take a break.  We are also talking about going to an Astros game - they are actually doing good this year, but have low attendance.  It is because they were so awful so long!

3. Homeschool - We finished the week - sort of.  On the days I have to take care of house things, they have not been doing ALL their work.  We are playing catch up just a bit, but not too bad.  We have figured out that they do better at the rec room than the RV.  I kind of assumed they would - it is quiet, they have their own table, etc.  It is just difficult for us to get up and get going some days.  We are getting better though.  We went every day this week.

Overall, I am much better since the loan is in place, the HOA has given us approval, the business is closed, and I am not jumping through hoops anymore.  I just need to get a stretching time in the works and I think my back will improve as well.

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